The aim of this training course is to teach you how to create a great user experience that delivers on your brand promise. Customer Experience is the key brand differentiator.  Strong successful brands are those that manage to deliver consistently positive, engaging and memorable branded customer experiences.  This course teaches you the essentials of branding and how to design your branded user experience.

Key business benefits for delivering a great branded user experience include:

  • Increase online visibility – UX is one of the most important factors when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Learn how to improve your website’s user experience for better website ranking.

  • Increase website conversion rate – Learn how to engage your prospective customers with your brand and persuade them to take the desired action e.g. to buy, register or subscribe.

  • Increase customer retention – Learn how to increase the number of returning visitors to your website and build customer loyalty.

Key Learnings:

  • Brand Experience Strategy:

    • Learn the key elements of branding.

    • Learn the key elements of branded user experience.

    • Learn about brand experience and its dimensions

    • Understand what makes a successful brand.

    • Learn about brand positioning strategy

  • Branded User Experience (UX) Design:

    • Learn how to design your website / digital branded user experience by integrating brand experience strategy and user-centred design (UCD) process. UCD is an iterative design process that focuses on gaining an understanding of the target users and it involves users throughout the design and development cycle in order to create products and services that can meet their needs.

    • Learn how to use experience design tools such as customer profiles / personas, scenarios and customer / user journeys.

    • Learn how to design and deliver consistent brand experience across the customer journey.

    • Information Architecture (IA) – Learn how to develop your website structure to design an intuitive experience.

    • Learn the latest tools and techniques for evaluating your branded user experience with our innovative research method.


This course is for entrepreneurs, UX professionals, marketing professionals and anyone who is responsible for designing digital products and services.

In-House Training
We offer tailored training in-house at your company to suit your business needs. 
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Raida delivered an  excellent training course on digital brand experience.  The course was both engaging and thought provoking and gave us a clearer understanding of the online user experience.
— Caroline Cook, Membership and Events, Merton Chamber of Commerce
Highly recommended. Raida’s work offers unique insights into maintaining the qualitative UX of your brand across multiple evolving touch points.
— Professor Karen Cham
It was a great course and well delivered.
— Eric Osei, Business Growth Officer, London Borough of Merton
Really enjoyed the course and having a small, focused session led to helpful discussion and analysis. Looking forward to continuing to combine new branding awareness with existing UX skillset.
— Andrew Montague, UX Design Architect, HomeServe