How To Create Your Small Business Brand?

A brand is a concept that is based on customers' perception of what the brand's values are. Your customer’s perception of your brand is based on their actual experiences both online and offline with your brand, from the initial brand awareness to their interactions with your brand.  Every time your customer / user interacts with your brand, the experience needs to be positive, engaging and reflective of your brand values in order to create an emotional bond with your brand. 

Digital branding is part of an integrated branding strategy and it includes the following elements: 

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How To Create Your Small Business Website?

A Guide For Start-ups & Small Businesses

Every brand / business needs a web presence. The web is a cost effective marketing tool for businesses to communicate with their customers and to help with promoting their brand. It is also a very important channel to market with the continuous growth in e-commerce and m-commerce. The buyer behaviour and the purchasing cycle has changed significantly and brands / businesses need to provide an integrated seamless branded shopping experience irrespective of the channel in order to succeed.

The following is a brief step by step guide to help you with planning your business website design and development project:

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