Wimbledon's Ace Multichannel Brand Experience

Wimbledon - The All England Lawn Tennis Club is a great example of a successful global brand that has managed the brand effectively over time and invested in creating a positive and consistent brand experience across multiple channels. Wimbledon championship started in 1877 and it has continued to grow its global audience by understanding the importance of emotive brand experience and focusing on meeting the changing needs and behaviour of its global audience. Wimbledon has embraced the latest digital technology, continued to be innovative with its digital experience and to deliver a consistent multichannel brand experience that reflects its brand values and meets its audience expectations.

In a recent Marketing Week article, The head of marketing and commercial at the AELTC, James Ralley, stated that its latest campaign - In Pursuit of Greatness: Take On History,  aims to illustrate Wimbledon’s brand essence. 

History is the theme for this year's content campaign, a celebration of 150 years of The All England Club, 50 years of Open tennis, and many more.
Through our digital and social channels we will try to give a sense of what the event is all about and what the experience is like. This is where we’re really able to bring traditional experiences to life through digital vehicles.
— James Ralley, Head of marketing and commercial at the AELTC

Here is a summary of our Wimbledon experience this year, as non-ticket holders.  Despite queuing for more than 2 hours to be able to purchase a ticket to enter the Wimbledon grounds, it was an enjoyable experience talking to friendly tennis fans and Wimbledon volunteers / stewards and watching the live tennis on the screens. The complimentary iced coffee from Lavazza (one of Wimbledon suppliers), was greatly appreciated while queuing on a hot sunny day.  The emotive brand experience was heightened once the fans reach the gates and enter the Wimbledon grounds. The complimentary strawberries and cream (a Wimbledon tradition) from HSBC (one of Wimbledon suppliers) was also appreciated. Speaking to many fans from various countries in the queues, it was clear that while Wimbledon is celebrating its 150 years history this year,  it is continuing to be innovative and managing to engage with both its core audience as well as its growing global younger audience who were on their smartphones engaging with Wimbledon digital content while queuing up to see their favourite tennis players. 

Wimbledon digital experience delivered by IBM, includes a great website user experience, an app for Apple TV and new mobile apps for iOS and Android, help to engage fans with personalised content, real-time insights and social sharing.

Whichever way fans want to experience the tournament, whether it’s online, on their phone, on TV, or live at the venue itself, we want to give them the best possible experience—direct, uninterrupted, and authentic. The new apps are a key part of that strategy.
— Alexandra Willis, Head of Communications, Content and Digital at the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC)

To be a successful brand in today's experience economy,  you need to deliver a consistent multichannel brand experience across all brand touchpoints, as customers now expect to have a seamless brand experience across multiple channels. This year,  Wimbledon has succeeded in delivering a great memorable multichannel brand experience.