Brand Building

Branding is essential for any business.  In today’s highly competitive markets and challenging times for business, to be a successful business you need to have a strong brand that differentiates your business from your competitors. Strong successful brands connect with their customers on an emotional level and deliver consistently great branded customer experience which leads to customer loyalty. This also applies to B2B, a research study by Google (2014) revealed that emotion and branding are linked. A B2B buyer with a good connection with a company is 13 times more likely to purchase from that company and 30 times more likely to pay a premium price (B2B Marketing, September 2014, 20-23). Designing and delivering an emotive branded experience helps to engage, persuade and motivate your customer and user to take the desired action as well as creating an emotional bond with your brand. 

The process for designing and building your brand:

1. Define Your Brand & Your Target Market

  • Brand - Define your brand’s purpose, promise and its values. Conduct your brand audit.

  • Customers - Define your target market and conduct research to gain insights into your target market needs and behaviour.

  • Competitors - Conduct competitor research & analysis

2. Develop Your Brand Strategy
To build your brand, you need to have consistent strategic brand management. Effective brand strategy is the foundation for growing your business / brand.

3. Design Your Brand Identity
Strong brand identity helps with brand recognition and differentiation. All your brand identity elements need to be applied consistently across all channels.

4. Develop Your Brand Communication
To create brand awareness and to communicate your key brand messages with your customers. Using the AIDA model below to develop your brand communication:

  • Attention: Create brand awareness

  • Interest: Generate interest in your brand for prospects to find out more

  • Desire: Engage potential customers and create desire for your brand.

  • Action: Persuade prospects to take the desired action, to convert them into customers.

5. Evaluate & Learn
It is essential to measure the effectiveness of your brand communication campaigns and to regularly evaluate your brand awareness and engagement.

Brand building is about managing a brand effectively over time…it is not about focusing on short term marketing activities. You can read more about “Why the focus on short-term marketing effectiveness is bad”. 

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