The Holistic Brand Experience

According to the latest research from Rufus Leonard, there are five core facets of brand experience that affect customer loyalty:

  • “Think”: the brand experience needs to communicate and reflect your brand’s purpose and values.
  • “Sense”: using sensory branding would help to deliver engaging and immersive branded customer experience. 
  • “Feel”: Emotive branded experience helps to engage, persuade and motivate customers as well as creating an emotional bond with your brand. 
  • “Do”: brand experience needs to help solve problems or make life easier for your customers and thereby influencing customer behaviour.
  • “Connect”: The experience should encourage customers to connect with your brand and offer a sense of belonging.

The research reveals that Singapore Airlines is the top brand for delivering great holistic brand experience, For more information, please see Rufus Leonards’ Brand Experience Index.

Does Your Branded Experience Meets Your Customers’ Expectations?