Nostalgia - An Effective Emotive Branding Strategy

Designing and delivering brand experiences that evoke positive childhood memories would enhance your customers’ emotional connection with your brand. Nostalgic brand experiences are effective as they are considered as authentic.

Branded customer experience that evoke nostalgia due the familiarity of the brand with the use of familiar visuals, music and other past references helps to develop a positive brand connection with the target audience, due to the feel good factor from remembering the good old days. 

Designing branded customer / user experience is based on "Reflective design" which focuses on long-term customer experience. According to Don Norman, the author of Emotional Design, there are 3 types of design:

- Visceral design: Appearance
- Behavioural design: The pleasure and effectiveness of use
- Reflective design: Self-image, personal satisfaction and memories.
— Emotional Design, Don Norman

The success of Pokemon Go is party due to nostalgia, Pokemon reminds the game players of their happy childhood. Other brands that have recently used nostalgia as a brand strategy include Adidas with the relaunch of its 1993 Gazelle trainers and the Co-op with its rebranding by going back to their 1968 branding.

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