A Brand Is Not A Logo, It’s An Experience

A brand is a concept that is based on customers' perception of what the brand's values are. Your customer’s perception of your brand is based on their actual experiences both online and offline with your brand, from the initial brand awareness to their interactions with your brand.  Branding is not just about visual brand identity such as logo, brand colours etc.  Customers expect a brand to deliver its promise and “branding is how the brand’s promise is conveyed”, according to the author of BrandDigital, Adamson.

To ensure that your customer experience is successful, the entire brand experience must deliver a consistently positive customer experience reflecting your brand and its values, in order to meet or ideally exceed your customers’ brand expectation.  To avoid a gap between the band promise and actual customer / user experience, there needs to be closer collaboration between marketing and user experience (UX). Working closely would help to design and deliver consistently positive branded customer / user experience that meets customers’ / users’ needs. A Positive customer experience means that every interaction and touchpoint with a brand needs not only to be engaging and enjoyable in order to create an emotional bond with the brand, but to be consistent and reflective of the brand values. Consistently great customer experience leads to customers having strong relationships with a brand and brand loyalty.

In a recent article by Kate Williamson from Nielsen Norman Group, Brand Is Experience in the Digital Age, she highlighted the relationship between brand and user experience and concluded that UX is a brand differentiator. 

Most people can’t differentiate how they feel about a brand from how they feel about the experiences they have with that brand, so in many situations, UX becomes the brand differentiator. It can be part of — or all of — the reason a customer chooses to engage with a company or its products.
— Kate Williamson, Nielsen Norman Group

Successful brands are those that manage to deliver positive, engaging and memorable branded customer experiences. So, it’s no surprise that once again Apple and Google are listed as the 2016 top global brands, compiled by Interbrand, as they are also the top brands for delivering consistently great branded customer / user experiences that reflect their brand promise and meet their customers’ / users’ expectations.