Does Your Branded Experience Meets Your Customers’ Expectations?

To ensure that your branded customer experience is successful, all of the branded customer experience elements need to reflect your brand and its values, in order to meet or ideally exceed your customers’ expectations. Your customers’ perception of your brand is accumulated from both their direct and indirect experiences with your brand. 

There is often a gap in the overall customer experience and the key to closing this gap between customer perception / expectation and customer experience is to integrate all customer insights from Brand / Market Research, User Testing Research and Analytics data. The integration of all customer / user research data  would provide key insights into the overall customer experience and therefore would enable brands to use these insights to design and deliver a successful branded customer experience.

Branded customer experience encompasses all the experiences online and offline a customer has with a brand, from the initial brand awareness to complex brand interactions and touchpoints. The experience defines the customer’s relationship with the brand. The initial experience can be through marketing campaigns, advertising, PR, word of mouth both real world experiences of the brand and virtual world through blogs, product reviews and ratings and social media. Positive customer experience means that every interaction and touchpoint with a brand needs not only to be engaging and enjoyable in order to create an emotional bond with the brand, but to be consistent and reflective of the brand values. Consistently great customer experience leads to customers having strong relationships with a brand and brand loyalty.