Brand Strategy E-Book

Brand Strategy Workbook
Brand Strategy Workbook

Brand Strategy E-Book


Branding is essential for any type of business, as it is the most powerful strategic business tool for achieving business growth. This e-book will provide you with a step-by-step guide for developing your brand strategy, to help you grow your business.

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1. Introduction

2. Brand & Branding

2.1 What is a Brand?

2.2 What are the key elements of branding?

2.3 What makes a successful brand?

3. Discovery Phase

3.1 Brand Audit

3.2 Customer Research 

3.3 Competitors Research 

4. Define Your Brand - Differentiate

4.1 Brand Purpose

4.2 Brand Essence & Values

4.3 Brand Personality

4.4 Value Proposition & Customer Benefits

5. Brand Strategy

5.1 Brand Positioning Strategy

5.2 How to Create Brand Value and Grow Your Brand?

Format: 28 pages pdf file

This e-book is for entrepreneurs and marketing professionals who need to develop their brand strategy for business growth.

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