Brand & Customer Experience Design Workshop

Customer Experience is the key brand differentiator.  Strong successful brands are those that manage to deliver consistently positive, engaging and memorable branded customer experiences which lead to customer loyalty.  This workshop teaches you the essentials of branding and how to design your digital branded customer experience using customer and user-centred design process to convert prospects into customers and build customer loyalty.

Key Learnings:

  • Learn the key elements of branding.
  • Understand what makes a successful brand.
  • The key elements of branded customer experience.
  • Learn how to design your website / digital branded customer experience (user experience) using user-centred design process.
  • Learn how to use experience design tools such as customer profiles / personas, scenarios and customer / user journeys.
  • The latest tools and techniques for evaluating your branded customer and user experience with our innovative research method. 

We offer tailored training workshops in-house at your company to suit your business needs. 

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